May 6, 2009

Mags, Fags, and Rags; or Happiness In Dirty Print Form

Some of our good friends and contributors here at BLEW have been busy little beavers the last few months, and the hard work is paying off in print form. The much anticipated dirty magazine TRY STATE, which just launched and printed its premier issue for Spring 2009, features quite a few of our favorite dirty homo artists from around the globe. This magazine makes us tingle in places we thought were long dead. Its sublime layout gives us an envy boner, and every page is curated beautifully. Its like walking through the best fucking exhibit of underground homo artists, and you can put it in your pocket and revisit the exhibit anytime and anywhere you want because its small enough to fit almost anywhere......except in you butt. We suggest reading it in a park under a tree, or on the buss, although we can't be blamed for any residual buss boners from reading it in public, but who knows, you just may get lucky. Grab your copy (and your junk) here . Does the bunny below look familiar....check out our last dirty little post about Sylvain Norget, but don't blame us if you get a bit frisky from his work.

But don't just take our word for it (although our word is the best), hear what others are saying about TRY STATE:

"Try State Magazine, the new biannual publication by Robert & Robert has its finger on the pulse of contemporary art. With its sleek & minimalist design it is a curated showcase of the world’s most interesting artists, photographers and writers. What makes Try State so appealing is the layout which truly showcases the work. Far from the congested look of popular rags, each image is not only carefully chosen but also displayed as if it were in a gallery.

The combination of established artists including celebrity photographer Austin Young whose credits include Deborah Harry, Margaret Cho and Siouxie Sioux mixed with emerging artist Csaba Faludi ( Budapest) raw fetish type images allows us to follow a journey into bodies, portraits and self exhibition. Some of my favorite internet bloggers and emerging photographers such as Stuart Sandford, Luke Gilford, Sylvain Norget’s Naked Rabbit Project, Robbeyond and Luigi and Luca from Barcelona all contribute, making each turn of the page exciting and naughty.

The premiere issue features cover art by Fabulous and talented Gio Black Peter, a young Guatamalan immigrant who continues to stimulate the senses with his visual works, multimedia experimental pieces and musical talent / stage presence. Makes me want to clap my hands and drop my pants.

Try State is light on the written word, one poem, one musical review ( forgotten eighties band) and the quirky/witty “Confessions of a Fag Hag” is a cornucopia of how to keep your boys entertained while maintaining your own sanity.

Almost as impressive as the work is Try State’s contemporary interest list which reads as a modern day Social Registry. The contacts of this desired publication includes fifty of the world’s top Art Collectors, several billionaires and a who’s who of International Gallery Owners, Curators, Editors, Designers, Nightlife Celebutantes and Artists. Try State’s connections run deep into the Scene.

In total Try State brings back the excitement of finding my father’s playboy magazine in the in bathroom cabinet. i want to flip through each page quickly to see what is inside, then go through it slowly examining every page, image by image, piece by piece.

Robert and Robert claim to bring you “quality, trash, art, nudes, fetish, homos, fairies, punks, gossip and fashion victims. They deliver!


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