May 8, 2009

Lets Have a Twosome; or Why Have One When Two Is More Fun

We woke up to a wonderful e-mail this morning from two fantastic artists who were featured in the new issue of TRY STATE magazine, which we can't put down (and yes we even take it to the bathroom with us). We immediately were captivated by their work, and their incredibly adorable e-mail definitely helped too.

Why have one, when you can have two? Thats what gramps always told us....but then again, gramps was a dirty old man who couldn't keep his hands to himself. Hmmm, I wonder why we turned out to be a bunch of horny little pervs. Anyways, With the number two on our minds this morning, we can't help but share with you all the wonderfully emotional diptychs created by the fantastic French/Italian duo Vivian Ayroles and Stefano Marchionini (we love how the two get along so well).

These two artists, one of French origin and the other from Italy, live in Aix-en-Provence, France, and have been snapping beautiful photos of everything around them, capturing a beautifully raw portraiture of their lives for us to see.  Their latest work is a series of diptychs titled Entr'ouvert that work together to create an interesting dialog on human nature and the surrounding environment. These tag team sets of photos create an interplay of contrasts and relations that interact like two lovers in constant motion.

This is what they have to say about their work:

"The work presented here originates in our desire to integrate photographic images of different origins into diptychs, whose nature is to shed new light on their constituent parts. The combination of the images chosen here shows the relation between man and the urban or rural landscape, the relation between ‘internal’ (the intimate dimension) and ‘external’ (the social dimension). It is our wish to avoid whatever narrative might originate from the single images used in the diptychs : there is no story, there is no text. This lack of causality between the two images of the diptych will allow the single viewer to form his own response. We expose man to an image of himself and of his constructions of natural and artificial bodies."

Their talent doesn't stop there either. We took a look through some of their previous work, and we immediately wanted to make out with both of them. Hope you enjoy.


  1. these photos are really nice together

  2. Beautiful work.

    What is it about french duos? Pierre et Gilles, Exterface, and now these two. Hmm...

  3. actually only one of them is french: vivien. stefano is italian. still, a very sexy combo!!!