May 5, 2009

Naked Bunnies Make Us Frisky; or We Want To Hump Everything In Site

The sounds and colors of spring are in the air, and our minds wander like little spring bunnies in search of fresh grass  and carrots to nibble on (and other such phallic things). With the return of spring, we find ourselves feeling a bit restless in the office today, with an indistinguishable urge to hump everything in site.  How fitting then that we feature the intriguing and intensely erotic art of Sylvain Norget , and his project, "The Naked Rabbit Project ". Think rabbits, but with beautiful male bodies and, well, much more well endowed than any bunny we have ever seen.

This beautiful and multi talented man now living in Bordeaux - Toulouse - Paris (one of our many favorite areas to drink from), was once famed interior designer turned model, turned dancer, turned photographer. This hot quadruple threat is one artistic foursome we can get behind. His work is part self exploration and part phobia exploration, culminating in a series of photography works that delve deep into the inner psyche and also give us a peek into a small part of his personal world. The tones and light he chooses help to transport us to this world, and then we are drawn in deeper by the oddly fascinating combination of rabbit and nude male form. Together, they create an amazing esthetic that is both transporting and weighted with deeper undercurrents.

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