April 2, 2009

Terrorist Mountain

In case you were wondering, the black cashmere Balaclava is the new hot must have accessory for spring time frolics in the mountains. It goes great with all colors of jock straps and booty shorts. Just add a hand gun to complete your new spring look, and you will be sure to meet the man of your dreams, even if he doesn't want to meet you. 

This hot little shoot has all three items for your new spring look, and its giving us a totally inappropriate office boner. Who has come up with this fantastic combo for spring you might ask? Well, its fantastic homo photographer Ignacio Lozano, or how he's better known in the art world, as BlackSheepBoy (BSB for short). This gorgeous, Spanish born prodigy, currently lives in New York City, but often travels to Spain and other such hot spots, to photograph as many beautiful men as possible. Most of his subjects straddle the lines of masculinity and aggression, toying with the ideas of beauty and raunch intermingled, a little bit of bad boy meets big city burrow. His work often features men of an urban sort of beauty, contrasting the grandeur of big city backdrops with the soft masculinity and magnificence of men. 

He also does amazing portraiture work, capturing a soft yet masculine side of men that is so often well hidden from public view (see what we mean below, and while were down there.....) 

He trained in the beautiful city of Barcelona (which our Editor in Chief just shortly returned from) for Art, Fashion Design and Communication, and in 1998 he moved to NYC  to pursue his passion of Photography and Painting. He currently is a contributor and editor at a few magazines, while continuing to follow his passion in the arts. 

There is no doubt that this man is pure talent, and we can't wait to get down and dirty with him. He will be collaborating on a project with us that will be coming up soon. Sorry, but you will just have to keep checking back for more details, were so not blowing our preverbal load just yet. He is heading off to Spain soon boys, so pack your booty shorts and tanning oil. If your interested in getting in front of his camera, you can e-mail him with photos and see where it goes. 

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