April 6, 2009

Spring Playlists for Homos

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Spring is in the air, and so is love (closely followed by sex and chocolate), and so we though, what a better time than now to launch our very first installment in a series of "spring playlists are for homos" set. Created exclusively for BLEW magazine, by the lovely and talented music homo Dillon (pictured above), this spring inspired playlist is at times light and airy, with subtle tones of intensity and darkness mixed in. Perfect for sunny afternoons spent walking through the parks and watching the landscape melt from pallets of browns into vibrant bursts of chaotic color (otherwise known as cruising in the park). Maybe you will bump into a cute man, and discover you were meant to be together as you find out you are both listening to the new BLEW playlist....(ok, so its a bit of a stretch, but don't blame us if you miss out on your next great love, or dirty romp in the park...which ever you choose, we like both possibilities)
We have some great playlists lined up, including one from Stuart Sandford from NYC, so keep checking back for some sexy spring music to keep you on the move. 

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