April 8, 2009

New Motto "Give till it hurts" and This Gallery is the Shit !

What is this boy up to you may be asking yourself (our minds suddenly start to wander also...)? Well, its not exactly what you may be thinking, although he looks pretty sex kitteny. We were wondering the same thing, until we discovered that in fact, he is supporting the arts (what a fine upstanding guy he must be). In fact our new motto for supporting the arts is "Give till it hurts!" Literally! 
Just when you thought that bathrooms were getting a bit boring (until now there was only so much one could do in a bathroom, or so we thought...). Well not this one boys. Surprisingly, this rouge little W/C, named "The White Cubicle Toilet Gallery ",  is actually part bathroom and part art gallery, located in the ladies washroom at the "George and Dragon" pub in London. What a great idea. No more boring bathroom visits by yourself, and think, now you can't get in trouble for loitering. What....? We were looking at the art!
Started in 2005, this shitter has hosted some pretty impressive artists, and throws one hell of a party for being such a tiny little space. Recent exhibitions include a few of our favorite artists such as Slava Mogutin , Brian Kenny , Jean-Michel Wicker , Dik Fagazine , BUTT Magazine , and Hate Magazine . We love the ideas of contested space, and this little gallery definitely fits into that category. These very sexy and controversial gallery spaces challenge the position of how a gallery space should look, and forces the artist and viewer to think in new terms for curating and setting up works of art. This pushes the boundaries of art in so many ways, our little heads are spinning here at the magazine. 
It turns out that there are actually a few other toilet galleries to check out:
  1. Pasadena Art Center's "W. C. Gallery" - (Lots of exhibitions but we couldn't find an actual web site)
  2. Ohio's "Chamber Pot Gallery " - (Web site)
  3. Garden Grove's "FH Mens Room Gallery " - (Click on the link to see a video blog interview from the gallery by the OC Art Blog)
Keep your eyes open boys, there is art lurking all around you. Who knows, you may even find it in the next washroom nearest you, and if you see someone loitering in a bathroom, maybe its really not a bathroom, but another rogue gallery in disguise. Hang out and find out!
Check out some pics from recent exhibitions below and se what your missing by not hanging out in public bathrooms....

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