April 11, 2009

Happy "Fantastic Friday" with spicy Italian Photographers that like to snuggle

We are officially renaming "Good Friday" to "Fantastic Friday" here at BLEW, not just because we can do whatever we want (thats right suckas....), but because this friday really is a fantastic fuckin friday. We are featuring the beautiful and sometimes haunting work of Giovanni Di Mola , the delicious and curious Homo photographer from New York who left the great city to clear his head and make beautiful art. This Italian speaking American born gem is part photographer, part DJ and Part world traveler (talk about husband material...), and we are not gonna lie, he is one talented and gorgeous man. His work has been featured in some of our favorite haunts such as WLTF magazine , the East Village Boys , and Vice magazine (click on the links to read the articles featuring our future husband.......we wish right). We love his use of ghosting and motion blurring, giving his subjects multiple personas for the viewer to expose and explore.

This spice little Italian is inspired by some of our favorite things, including Men, Music, Dancing, and B.O, which he lovingly calls "nature's cologne" (why is it suddenly getting hot in here...) Oh, and did we mention that he likes to cuddle.

This is what he has to say about himself:
"I like playing with the lines that separate gender, sexuality, the sort of roles that we play without knowing it. The person or identity you bring to a portrait session. I like peeling away at those layers, showing what I see, and hopefully sharing it with everyone else.

Capturing movement through long exposures, using available light, composing through the lense and no manipulation of the final image are key to my work."

Now hear what others are saying about this prodigy:
"di Mola's lens affords us unlimited insight into the way this beautiful transient man sees the world around him--and at the same time, himself in the world. When he photographs a single figure, there is a truth that conjures up pure silence--I find myself holding my breath as I am invited deeper into his public privacy. To view his sets is to experience his ongoing journey without ever feeling manipulated into feeling any prescribed emotion. Stunning work. An inspiring artist." - Meduso

"Before we close our eyes, the brain registers a visual fraction of a second image and stores it into memory. Now imagine you were able to put together all those moments seamlessly, and watch this uninterrupted stream of sub consciousness as if it were a lucid dream - this is what di Mola's photographs evoke for me.
 From his unsettling poetic haunting depictions of both males and females, to his eerie and mesmerizing self-portraits, each shot is a puzzle resonating within the walls of recollection, waiting to be solved." - Hellophotokitty

Happy easter, passover, or non-religious holiday that gives us an excuse to get really drunk and inappropriately hit on men. Thanks to all you hot Homos out there who have been showing your support for us here at BLEW, it means a lot to us. 

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  1. Great article guys..thx so much for those kind words!