March 28, 2009

Spring awakening

The work of the budding artist Dimitry caught our eye the other day while we were hard at work doing research (or as one friend lovingly calls it, "trolling for boy poon", which may or may not be a half truth). Technicalities is where we like to file that argument under. Anyways, so while we were slaving away searching for new and undiscovered artists, we came across this set of beautiful and poetic photos taken from our anonymous contributor. We just loved these photos so much that we thought we should share them with you. Now, he has promised to start working on some more photos for us here at our little magazine, so until then, we will have to keep you waiting in antic............ipation (sorry for the rocky horror nod, we just couldn't help ourselves, but as if you didn't love it).
These photos remind us of spring, of rebirth, and of new beginnings. They remind us that there is unimaginable talent out there in the world, and that the start of something new is in the air. While the sun hits our backs and melts away the long hard winter that has suppressed and dragged us down here in Canada, we can have faith that spring is fighting its way forward and it is going to be one fucking fantastic summer that will not be forgotten. It also reminds us that boys, men, guys, blokes, boyfriends, lovers, fuck-buddies, one night stands, tricks, soul mates, buddies and dudes, or whatever name they may fit under, are all beautiful in their own way, and this we know for sure.

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