March 12, 2009

Three of our favorite things: Boys, Toys and Booze...

Boys, Toys and booze, now thats a killer combo. If we have just one of those three items in a day we count ourselves lucky. Well we certainly feel lucky today, and apparently so does Jeremy Kost. In fact, we think he counts himself luck most days, as his series of raw and sometimes controversial photos usually involve all three delectable items.  

This 31 year old, extremely hot Homo photographer, born in Corpus Christy Texas, (we just love the name), but now transplanted to the great city of New York, is somewhat of a old fashioned guy in some respects. While everyone in this crazy digital age has been rushing head long into new and expanding technologies in photography, Jeremy prefers to work in a more vintage and challenging medium. Toted as the New York Polaroid Boy, he works mainly with his collection of old Polaroid cameras, famous for those beautiful washed out dreamy summer tones contrasted with bursts of unusual and often extremely rich elements. 

His subjects range from the wildly famous and eccentric stars, anywhere from Amanda Lepore to Ms. Piggy to Paris Hilton, all the way down to random (yet very delicious) guys willing to bear it all in front of the camera. One thing remains the same for all his subjects though, and thats his ability to capture the raw and unexpected beauty of everyone he photographs. The subjects all seem to be at ease with exposing themselves to him. Whether its a more personal side that gives us a glimpse into another part of them often hidden from the public, or more literally, by exposing themselves physically by stripping down buck naked and letting him away, its never intrusive or prying. 

Hers a bit from his Bio:

"Jeremy Kost is known on the New York circuit as "the Polaroid artist." While the digital wave continues to gather force in contemporary art, Kost creates art with his tried and true Polaroid cameras. Because famous persons, including Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, embrace his creative methods, Kost has direct access to their relaxed environments. The artist exposes the reality of celebrities and the fashion and art elite in compelling, unstaged Polaroid photographs. Influenced by Andy Warhol, he also finds inspiration in underground scenes of the East Village and the Lower East Side. The artist responds spontaneously and directly to whatever this eclectic, gritty world presents him. Instead of relying on lighting, make-up, or styling, he seizes upon the integrity of the moment. Whether his shots convey the energy of a hedonistic smile, or the honest look of true exhaustion, Kost's art reveals the character of his subjects with uncompromising immediacy."

We think he's pretty fucking fantastic, and so should you....but only if you want to of course. 

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