March 11, 2009

Revenge of the Cum Faces

Stuart Sanford, fantastic homo artist and boy of many talents extraordinaire, is back at it again. His original book, entitled "Cum Faces", is a series of beautifully captured mid orgasm portraits that delve deep into the moments we all experience, yet for the most part, remain private. Either between boyfriends, that threesome you had after the bottle of Scotch and a few gin shots in the alley, or with a dirty sock in the morning, these moments are some of the best. The few seconds of pure and raw joy mixed with explosive amounts of energy are one of the few moments that we are at our most honest and real. Plus, it doesn't hurt that almost everyone looks kinda hot while cuming....

His new series, which will be under the same subject, is currently under construction. Feel like you got a cum face that could melt the cold heart of Anna Wintour, well boys, whip it out and start snapping. He is currently accepting submissions until March 31, 2009, which you can send to him directly at STUART@STUARTSANDFORD.CO.UK. So hunker down with a big ol bottle of lube and get to work. Remember though, the artist does not take any responsability for chafing and carpal tunnel.

The amazingly hot and talented group of homos over at East Village Boys are helping to promote him as well, and you can follow their link to find out more and read an interview with him. Stuart is just one of many gems that help make up the EVB team of contributors. Thats one hot list of boys all working under one roof. Oh how we would love to be a fly on the wall in that office. Now thats office politics i can get behind...or on top choose.

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