March 13, 2009

Save Anna, #@$! The Recession, and Free The Fruit...

You may just be wondering if we have gone bananas over here at BLEW magazine, and well, you just may not be that far off. We have gone Bananas in fact, Bananas for boys. Especially hot new Homo designer boys who happen to have just finished a photo shoot for their new Spring/Summer 2009 T-Shirt collection.

Who is this boy we are all bananas over. Well it's Christopher Lee Sauve, talented NYC designer and Hot Homo extrordinar, and a friend of our Editor in Chief way back from the days of past lives (we tried to get some dirt out of him but he just smiled, nervously scratched his scruffy beard and said nothing). His impressive roster of clients and experience spans from Ad-busters Magazine, where he was on the design team, to his current work which includes Diane Von Furstenburg as a client, and now his own line of t-shirts, which we think are just fantastic. His t-shirts have made a huge splash all over, and he has been featured on some pretty big websites such as French Elle, Vogue, Gawker, Fashion Television and the superstar celeb blogger Perez Hilton, just to name a few. Perez even made a special (and kinda crazy) video, in which he sings (ok fine, lip-sinks) a little ditty to promote the t-shirt line. Now thats publicity you just can't buy. 

He has launched a separate web site for his t-shirt line, so go and check it out....I said GO! There's currently 6 different designs to choose from, all just as fantastic as the next. Sybrandt prefer to wear his banana shirt while out and about on the town , or sometimes you can find him kicking around the house in just a pair of tighty whities and knee high fresh white sport socks (which his friend Max makes endless fun of him for). There's a fantastic video of Rupauls Drag Race interviews by Hunter and Jessica, which is part amazing and part hilarious, and maybe just a dash of annoying, but what can you expect, they are 12. You can also purchase the fantastically hip and hot line of t-shirts on line there, and help support a former Canadian artist. Plus, they are not sold directly in Canada, so you know that everyone and their dog (quite literally now i can say this, as i have seen several people walking their "dogs" in matching outfits) will not have one. 

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