November 25, 2009





A very talented (and dirty) friend of ours has recently been making some pretty big accomplishments recently, including a book cover that was on US President Obama's reading list, and a 6 page spread in a pretty fantastic Japanese photography magazine. He was also the Canadian and then International winner for the Metro Photo Challenge contest last year, winning him a pretty fucking hot camera (with a lens that makes my thighs tingle every time he pulls it out), and a trip to Paris. All in all, its been an amazing year for him, and we would like to see that success continue on into the new year.

One of his photos has, once again, been short listed for first place in the Metro Photo Challenge this year, and if we want to continue to see some hot and dirty photos from this amazingly talented stud, then you had just better help him out. How can a few dirty boys help him out you may ask? (other than bj's and hand jobs) Well, by taking a few minutes out of your regular porn surfing this week, and voting for him. Its pretty darn easy to sign up and vote (it seriously involves about 3 steps) and you could go to bed satisfied that you helped an artist out. If he wins this year, he is planning a down and dirty week of shoots in NYC, home of the wildest boys around, and an exclusive series that will be launched only on BLEW.

So, we are asking (and kinda begging) of all our fantastic readers to get your hands outa yer undies for 2 minutes and vote for him by clicking on the photo below. Look under "climate change" on the pagefor his photo, and sign up to vote by clicking on the little green "vote" button. See how easy it was, now go pat yourself on the back (or somewhere else if you want) and poor yourself a drink, you just did your good deed for the month. 

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