November 20, 2009





We are kicking off (and also maybe whacking off) this friday with a spicy little number we like to call TICKET TO HELL, a quarterly magazine of eroticism and boy-art! With a name and tag line like that, it was a sure winner in our books.  So, even though we may be a little late with this one, its so amazing we just couldn't keep it to ourselves (it's not our fault, we were busy). This hot little magazine came out in September, and if you haven't seen it yet, then well, get on top if it (errrr, the magazine we mean, not the dick....but if you wanna get on the dick, hey, who s gonna complain, certainly not us because we totally heart dick as well).

Anyways, this great little art mag has some of the hottest upcoming artists in it right now, including Julesjulien, David Gomez Maestre, and Javier Felices, who did that wonderful and amusing cover piece. It is printed and published in Spain (a hotbed of amazingly sexy artists  as of late) by the ever amazing and talented Dirtyrentboy, and it makes our loins tingle in memory of hot afternoons spent in the sun drinking 1 euro beers on the street and meeting hot Spanish boys in the markets. This beautifully laid out magazine will keep you nice and warm through these cold winter months, and the best part, you can download it in PDF format for free from the website. Below is a quick sneek peek at what you can expect from the magazine, but we will save the best for when you download the full magazine through the link at the bottom (what...we don't want to spoil all of your fun)!

Ticket for two please, oh, and don't forget the nuts! Pronto!


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