August 10, 2009

On Vacation: Be Back the first week in September

First off, we just wanted to say that the new character on True Blood, Godric, is fucking HOT and we kind of wouldn't mind if he wanted to rape us. It turns out he is a big homo in the show, which is only making us more addicted to this sexy blood fueled drama. Anyways, we just thought you should know..... now on to more important things.

With summer deciding to FINALLY get its ass in gear and get hot enough to actually call itself summer, Sybrandt has decided to take a month off to do some traveling and general getting ready for back to school in September. Do not fear though! While he is away, we will be working on some improvements, changes, layouts and all around general spiffing up of the blog. Being that he is the editor in chief, who were we to complain if he wanted to take a month long vacation. We may be popping back in a few times to drop quick little notes from the road, or wherever, but for the most part, we will be away being super sumer gay and fantastic. See you all in September.

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