July 23, 2009

No Pants, No Problem!

Local Event:
The name says it all really. Expect mayhem, debauchery and a mild case of the itchies after a good ol dirty evening of "no pants" fun. Taking place at Sneaky Dee's, the notorious queer/gender bending emporium of underground gay culture is sure to throw a party to not be forgotten, unless you were to drunk to remember. Not only do you get to party with your pants off, but you also get to help raise money to support the Toronto AIDS Walk For Life folks. The fine folks organizing this have included some simple and easy to follow steps to ensure you have a good "no pants" evening:

Step 1 - You come and the door girls asks you "pants or no pants?"
Step 2 - You remove your pants and place them in the Pant Check
Step 3 - You get some drinks, play some party games, dance to guilty pleasures, kiss the person in the kissing booth, watch the other cute people walk around in their underwear, get free info and condoms at the safer sex booth...

Check out the FaceBook Event Page for more dirty details.

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