July 18, 2009



I think we have said this before, but one of our favorite things in this high tech modern world is receiving mail the old fashioned way, hand delivered by a grouchy overpaid, underworked civil worker with a chip on his shoulder and a mustache gay out of a 1983 porn movie (yes the mistake in this sentence is very on purpose!)
We dragged our asses down the stairs recently, bleary eyed, coffee in one hand, duct taped slippers and stolen hotel robe in full effect, to find a package waiting patiently for us in our box (much like the extremely younger boy we picked up outside the pinball arcade and then forgot outside our apartment in a haze of scotch and cigars, who had curled up in our hallway and patiently waited all night for us to come out of our booze coma). Don't worry, he's still alive, and a much better person for it. We were very happy, and surprised to find both of these treats at the bottom of our stairs, and so we would like to share one of them with you. (We will also sell you the boys number for the right price)

Handbook, published by the brilliant Darren Ankenbauer from San Francisco, made our month! The name,  which is a great little play on words, is extremely handy when you find your self alone and frisky, makes you want to use your hands to do something useful and/or dirty, and fits into your hand very easily. This smart little quarterly alternative publication takes its cues from vintage styled gay erotica magazines, but with a modern and beautiful twist that fits into, what we feel, is the esthetic of the new modern gay male. Its sophisticated and artful, while remaining dirty enough not to pretend its only seeking out one genre and concept. With fantastic themed photo shoots ranging from 1930's to homopunk to jock/boy next door, it creates an eclectic and exciting mix of dirtiness that makes us scratch our crotch and our beard. We love the tag line:
The photography work (by Darren also) is stunning, and the mix of raw and polished styles gives us a huge photo boner. It all works beautifully together to form a unique and very interesting little magazine thats well worth keeping "handy" (sorry we couldn't help ourselves).
If the magazine leaves you wanting more, you can go to the web site and buy a membership, which, for a pretty good price,  also gives you access to dirty fun videos of the models in the magazines, and exclusive photos organized by model, so you can find your favorite ones and spend a few hours working out your sunday hangover. Check out their Dlist page for updates and other such dirtyness.

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