July 13, 2009

Introducing New Video Work
by Jessica Yatrofsky

A while back, we posted about the lovely Jessica Yatrofsky, who's currently living and working in Brooklyn NY, and hanging out and doing a lot of cool shit at Parsons. She has recently completed a stunning set of exclusive photos for the printed edition of the BLEW magazine, (which you will have to get the magazine to see).

She also sent us a cute/sexy/funny/artsy video her and a friend worked on together. It involves some of Jessica's and ours favorite subjects. Boys, boys with tattoos, boys smoking and looking bored, boys smoking naked, boys being naked, spoken words in french, and.....well....peen! We like it, not only because there's a beautiful naked boy in it smoking and looking bored, but also because it asks the questions we often find ourselves scratching our heads to. This time only, the voice is in french, and its much more beautiful than we sound, even in our own heads. We suggest you watch it, otherwise people will think your not gay. Oh wait, maybe your not. *Well, either way, they won't think your cool, sexy, desirable, or interesting either if you don't watch it, so for fuck sakes, watch the damn thing. Your very coolness depends on it.

*we are not responsible for loss of friends, style, or general desirability due to either watching or not watching this film and it will not make you grow hair in weird and wonderful places.

la photographie from Transgressica on Vimeo.

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