June 30, 2009


Adriano Batista
Wham Bam Padam, Thank you mam! We recently ran across the beautiful and brazen artist Adriano Batista from Barcelona, Spain, where Sybrandt and his boyfriend Uwajedi were visiting (and by visiting, we mean whoring around) in February of this year. It seems like Spain is a hot and sweaty bed of art and culture these days, making a comeback in the photography scene that will not soon be forgotten. 

His work is vivid, fresh, and brazen, exposing everything in the wide open for the viewer to see. Each set is carefully thought out and well framed, with beautiful tones and shades, capturing a true feeling that heightens the sexual overtones in the photo without making it grotesque or perverse. He seems to come up new locations to shoot in every time, capturing interesting perspectives which give the viewer an unusual peek into the moments and themes he sets up. He has a very sharp eye for design that comes through in his work, and we are sure he is going to do amazing things to come. His work was already featured in one of our favorite publications, TRYSTATE MAGAZINE, and we are going to be keeping our eyes on this hot little 22 year old. 

Here is what he says about himself:

I believe I can say my work lays primarily on fashion photography with the characteristic of featuring a lot more boobies and testicles. I'm moved by an insatiable voyeurism, going through everything in the action, from the smallest detail to the whole composition itself. I'm fascinated by the corporal and sexual expression and for exhibitionism without any fear or shame.I like my pictures to face the observer.My work is very sexual, with explicit nudity and exhibitionism,always laying on a concept.I really like to tease and criticize, not always using nudes for that purpose. I use then, a sharp humour and kitsch aesthetics as adornment to my photos. There is a strong sense of theatrics on my photos even though some of them are absolutely spontaneous; wich is achieved through great cumplicity between the photographer and the models. I don't shine on the conventional technique , for that is not what I seek, I value most of all the concept and the meaning of the photograph.

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  1. and he has a new website!

    its amazing!!!