June 24, 2009

Introducing Something New:

Guerilla Art Project

Well, summer is finally fucking here, and just in time for Pride week here in Toronto. With all the sweaty boys and girls running around with as little clothing on as possible, we are ramping up for a very long week of mid afternoon boozing and all around slutty behavior. We have been busy little beavers the last few weeks, working on all sorts of new side projects and collaborations.

With all of this change, we thought it was high time we did a little clean up/revamp of the blog. We are also working on a new site, hopefully to be launched sometime in the next few months. We have also been working with some artists on a Guerilla styled art project, pictured above and below. This one is the first in a series of stickers being posted around the city so keep your eyes peeled while your on your knees in the back alley. You may just run into a few of our little blew guys, and hopefully you will enjoy.

Feel free to snap a pic and send it to us when you find one of our little dirty boys, and also feel free to show us your junk in the photo as well. There will certainly be enough of it around with this stupid garbage strike, but you can really never have enough junk.

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