June 19, 2009


Introducing Immersion
A Video by Robbie Cooper

Our good friend, Johnny Murdoc, posted this amazing video by artist Robbie Cooper, which we wanted to share with everyone. We were a bit surprised by the interludes of masturbation intersecting the interview, but as we went on, discovered how important and integral they were to the over all story. We also think he described it best, and so we are just going to leave it as it is. Here is what Johnny had to say about the video:

"It's a revealing look at the subjects' relationship to porn. Each segment begins with an interview about each subject's history to porn, and porn viewing habits, and begins to intercut video of each person watching porn.

The video is shot similarly to a lot of Errol Morris's work, where the subject looks directly into the camera. Morris used a camera he called the "Interrotron," that places a video monitor between the camera lens and the subject so that you can achieve the most intimate and honest reaction from the interviewee. Cooper uses the trick here so that his subjects are watching porn while looking directly into the camera and, in turn, directly at you the viewer. The effect is both arousing and haunting, refreshing and embarrassing. The level of voyeurism is engaging and challenging." - Johnny Murdoc

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