June 16, 2009


Introducing the 

The best of all worlds have just collided, and we thought you should know all about it. Like hot guys? Like undies? Like art? Like combining all of them? Well then Bulge is for you. This new little underwear company from Germany is blurring the lines between art and underwear, in a way we never expected. 
First off, they make impeccably crafted undies out of soft and beautiful printed fabrics that make us think of soft fresh pressed linens and warm sunny afternoons spent making out in the shade. Think heritage meets modern with classic cuts and luxury comfort, all wrapped abound your cute little butt. 
Now comes the good part. You can opt to purchase the "Package" deal, which includes a photograph, in a wood frame, signed and numbered by the guest artists, of a really hot guy wearing the undies you just purchased. Each photo is hot, artistic, and involves undies, which is pretty fantastic. All the shots are beautifully done with a playful and lighthearted feeling that doesn't take itself to seriously. All of this is wrapped up in a beautiful present box, and shipped right to your door. Featured artists include Andreas Lux & Ralf West, Astor Frank, and Jan Gorman, to name a few. They also just released a special "Kaiserin Magazine" edition, which kind of made us grab ourselves with joy. 

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