June 15, 2009


The End Of "The Ass"

Mysterious, cheeky, and sexy with a great sense of humor. You may think we are describing the perfect boyfriend, but in fact, were talking about the amazingly hot photographer from NYC known only as "The Ass". Sounds mysterious right? Well, its actually pretty simple. The name says it all, and he has very little to hide.....well, almost. 

Heres the low down. "The Ass", quite simply, is a pretty hot guy, from what we can tell, who goes around and takes photos of people posing with his fantastic set of buns. Its all kind of amazing and sexy. The simplicity of it all screams, "why has this not been done before", and yet, it hasn't.  He frequents events and parties in NYC, mainly at the fantastic Mr.Black's club, taking shots with party-goers ranging from random drunk hot guys and girls, to the whos who in the NYC celebrity list. Trust us, the list is quite impressive.  Fergie, Boy George, Alan Cumming, Deborah Harry, and Lance Bass are just a few to have posed with this beautiful bum, and thats just the start. 

We have been following him for a while now, watching his work progress and grow into something much more than just photos of a hot ass. He has been dropping trow for several years now, exposing his ass to the underground world of dirty sexy fun, and from what we can tell, he's decided to pull up his pants and retire. Its sad when great things come to an end, but one must progress into new and better things, and all we can do is wish him luck in whatever he chooses to do next. 

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