May 25, 2009

No Nudity But Its Still A Sexy Subversive Post

Were all about subversive art in its many forms, and while the dirty ones may be our favorites, we also love anything that challenges regular or conventional boundaries in our world. As luck has it, Toronto has a ton of great urban thinkers and stinkers. While there is no naked guys in this post, its still sexy as ever.

Enter: Posterchild

This local graffiti/tag/public and social space artist is one of our favorites. His cleaver and untraditional approach to street art keeps his work fresh and often hilarious, while still keeping true to its roots of making important statement about public space and art, and how they are connected. His work questions and challenges us to rethink about common everyday things and items in our public spaces, and that is something we think is very important, especially in todays over-saturated media world.

He just put in a new project today over on Spadina by College street. Go check it out if your around the neighborhood, and keep your eyes peeled for other interesting public works from this local and sneaky genius.

Heres what he said about his newest work:

"I’ve always been amazed by the state of most flyerboxes. More often that not, they are empty. Some haven’t been filled in years. Yet, there they are: everywhere in the city- at every intersection. Taking up valuable sidewalk space. Some are supposed to offer free news and culture print publications that make revenue from ads, some are supposed to offer free junk-mail type publications, with the expectation that someone will stop and take one completely beyond me. A rare few are supposed to offer a free publication of a certain political or religious leaning- probably bankrolled by whatever church or group can finance the publication of that message. For whatever reason, a great many of them offer nothing but an empty box."

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