May 26, 2009

Staying Warm With Friction; or Vintage Combos Make Us Happy

So, after a short half day break from our regular scheduled sexual exploration posting (I saw your worried expressions, don't worry), we are back in full force and ready to get back on the proverbial horse (or ass, whichever you choose, but we know which one we prefer). Its tuesday, its cooling down after a short but very hot stretch, and we thought you may need a little warming up. After all, the best way to stay warm is with friction. 
Introducing: Lyle Richard

It seems like there is quite the hot bed of photography talent happening over in the friendly west coast city of San Francisco. We recently ran across the beautiful polaroid works of one hot and, might we say, horny little photographer who chooses his "Tricks" or random fucks, as the subject. Knowing that there has been some sort of hot and dirty exchange between him and all of his subjects adds a strange but intensified realness to his work, cementing them into a more real and exposed reality. Plus it makes for great day dreaming....

He has been taking these fantastic polaroids for a while now, and has been exhibited in several shows in and around the San Fran area. Every once in a while, he adds a short, but incredibly well rounded steamy porno short story to the photos that are slightly reminiscent of the ones we used to read in old vintage gay porno mags we used to occasionally find in the back ally behind the Red Rooster corner store. Together, the combination of more traditional mediums such as polaroids and short gay jack off stories add a certain quality that we have a fond place in our memories (and undies) for. 

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