April 17, 2009

Talk about vessel envy, Local Toronto artist makes us wish we could be reincarnated as a red vase

Why do we suddenly want to be filled up with water and hold a bunch of fresh flowers.... Maybe its because we are a little envious of the red vase pictured above in the brilliant new work by local Toronto artist Chris Curreri . Talk about vessel envy, we know what we want to come back as in our next lives, and its not Madonna...

In his first set, entitled Puppet (minds out of the gutter boys), his provocative and intriguing photos explore the relationships and interactions between two vessels, the human body and the unchanging red vase. While the human body as a vessel changes and reacts to its surrounding environment, the red vase remains immobile and fixed. As the human vessel interacts with the red vase, it adapts to the unchangeable solid object and explores possible relationships with it. This play between the two vessels discusses how we as humans change and adapt to what is unchangeable around us, both physically and those things that exist in the intangible realm.

The second set of photos, entitled Handle, further explores this theme of interactions between animate and inanimate objects. The openings to the red vases, which simulate orifices of the human body, are prodded, entered and fully encapsulate the human hand. This interaction can be taken on all sorts of levels, so let your minds run wild with this one. Personally, our minds went straight to the interactions between inanimate sex toys and the human bodies they are inserted into. It also reminds us of a crazy night we spent in a back alley with a bottle of gin and some go go boys in NYC a few years ago, but thats a whole other story....Is it hot in here....

Check out the amazing works in person showing right now at the Diaz Contemporary Galley , located at 100 Niagra Street. The show runs until may 9th, so hurry up and get over to the gallery if you want to check it out, or be checked out. Im sure there will be tons of hot artsy homo types loitering around, just waiting to bump into their next spring romance, or make out session behind the gallery.... Spring is in the air boys.

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