April 16, 2009

Interview with our favorite fire crotch from Montreal who likes avocados more than ice cream

Remember our hot ginger Homo from our very first shoot for BLEW magazine? Well, we finally got around to getting that interview done. Here it is, everything you ever wanted to know about Tristan but were afraid to ask, well we dove in and asked for you. We are all just a little bit in love with him, and yes boys, he is single, but he likes it that way (which is perfect for us) As an old dirty man in a bar once told one of us, why buy the cow when you can milk it through the fence.

§ What music do you listen to when your getting ready to go out for a night on the town?
T-Anything, and everything. Usually I have youtube.com opened, and my friends & I each take turns choosing songs. Roisin Murphy, Bat for Lashes, Nina Simone, Kylie Minogue, etc.

§ What music do you find inspires you artistically, and who do you think musically embodies you as an artist?
T-Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman, and Kent Monkman.

§ If you could choose someone famous to make out with, who would it be?
T-Djimon Hounsou (he was in Gladiator & Blood Diamonds). I would eat him alive.

§ What inspires your work as an artist?
T-Music. Always music. Heartbreak is a big help too.

§ What makes you want to be a better person?
T-Seeing the state of the world today.

§ Who is the last person you made out with?
T-A Haitian stripper that I've been dating on and off for the last few months.

§ Who is the last person you had a secret crush on?
T-A student who goes to the local university. We have actually dated each other twice over the past 2 years. I still see him and get really shy around him. I think I like him too much and don't want to scare him away. He's bisexual and still slowly coming out of the closet

§ Describe your last sexual encounter?
T-It was with the Haitian. Over the weekend we had a 69 session. He will also be next sexual encounter. He's coming over any minute with Oreo cheesecake.

§ What do you like in guys?
T-Masculinity & a sense of humour.

§ What makes you smile randomly?
T-The mundane things people do, or when people behave in a way that I expect them to.

§ Are you a coffee drinker?
T-Yes, yes! I have 5 bags of Starbucks coffee in my freezer right now. Everyone knows not to talk to me in the morning until I've at least have had 2 cups.

§ Do you smoke?
T-Nope. I quit a few years ago. My sister gave me my first at the age of thirteen.

§ What’s one vice that you have, or bad habit?
T-None. Nothing I do is bad. I like to drink. I like to drink excessive amounts of coffee. And I feel great doing so.

§ When is the last time you masturbated and what did you think about?
T- Last night. I thought about a previous sexual experience. And how the guy threw me around. It was the same student I mentioned previously. He was still rough even if I had a broken leg. It was such a turn on!

§ What is your favorite thing to think about when you masturbate?
T-Usually I just watch videos on xtube.com. Guys who jerk off in public, or hidden cams.

§ What do you think is truly the most sexy thing about a guy?
T-A good set of arms.

§ When did you come out?
T-I told my Mom when I was 12.

§ Do you consider yourself to be gay?
T-Yes, of course! I love men!

§ What are you currently reading?
T-The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker.

§ Do you like ice cream?
T-I'm not a huge fan. I'd rather snack on an advocado.

§ Do you watch sports?
T-No, I would rather participate.

§ How many times can you cum in one day?
T-Three times is good. Morning. Afternoon. And night.

§ What do you think about gay pride? (is it still a necessity?)
T-Yes, I think visibility is important. Some people like to think that we've reached a level where homosexuality is acceptable in society. But I think we are still far from there. Live your life openly, be confident, and friends & family will accept it as a norm.

§ What’s the dirtiest thing you ever said to someone in or out of bed?
T-"How do you feel about fucking a guy with a broken leg?"

§ Do you have a favorite designer?
T- I don't. I get my clothes from friends, H&M, and the Salvation Army.

§ If you could be a tree, what tree would you be?
T-An oak tree. So I would be creepy in the fall. Bare branches and all.

§ If you could live anywhere, where would you choose to move right now?
T-Malaga. On the godl coast of Spain. It's one of my favorite spots in the world.

§ Are you single?
T-Yes, I'm too happy this way: I'm a very selfish person and do not want to be responsible for anyone else's happiness.

§ What is something that bugs the heck out of you?
T-Phones! I hate phones with a passion. A ringing phone makes me angry. Right now I am having a cellphone free week. But I suppose if no one called, I would be sad.

§ Did you have a favorite cartoon growing up?
T-She-ra and Thundercats.

§ Do you think of yourself as a spiritual person?
T-Yes. I believe in the "Other". I think there is a lot to this world that we don't see or understand. I've had too many weird/ supernatural experiences to simply brush them off. And I find it's getting stronger as I get older.

§ What type of lube do you like to use?
T-Whatever I grab from the men's bathroom at a gay club. It's where I stock-up. In the village, you can get little bags with a pack of lube & a condom. It's perfect.

§ Do you think fantasy can be addictive (sorry, i have been watching "Thumbsucker" on repeat this week, damn Tilda is addictive)?
T-Never. It can only be productive.

§ When is the last time you laughed out loud?
T-Today, a friend was over helping me paint my bedroom, and we were behaving rather sexually with the rollers. I'll laugh at anything though; farts, burps, people's insecurities.

§ Do you find that a lot of guys pick you up because they have a thing for gingers, like a fetish kind of?
T-This question made me laugh out loud! Yes, I do hear that a lot. If not through the men directly, then through their friends. I play it up, too.

§ Do you think gingers are stereotyped in society?
T-You mean from that episode of Southpark where we try to take over the world? No, in honesty, I never get stereotyped. Firecroth is the worst thing I've ever been called, but hey, it's my facebook status right now.

§ Do you have any strange habits or daily routines that you follow?
T-Everytime I leave the house, I check 3-4 times if I shut off everything; lights, oven, candles, etc. I can even be halfway down the street and come back to check.

§ What does the first 15 minutes of a typical morning look like for you?
T-Coffee, facebook, and a lot of moaning (I moan when I'm tired).

§ Do you consider your home your refuge or is it an open space that you would let strangers into?
T-Both. I love my apartment. And I live right downtown Montreal, so I'm the center place of meeting. We always pre-drink here before going out, and my friends know my door is always open.

§ How long have you had facial hair for now?
T-For 2 years now. I will never shave. EVER.

§ What fabrics do you usually wear?
T-I love my cotton!

§ How would you describe your current style of clothing or dress?
T-Very relaxed. Ripped jeans, tanks tops, baggy hoodies. I'm into cutting the sleeves off of my t-shirts right now.

§ Do you like technology or are you more old fashioned when it comes to every day living?
T-I love technology. I always have my laptop beside me when I am home, and am always checking blogs for inspiration.

§ Do you have daily blogs that you read, and if so, what are they?
T-Dlisted. Everyday. It's my religion

§ Describe yourself in 5 words or less.
T-Moody. Irrational. Funny. Adventurous.

§ What do you like to eat for breakfast?
T-Porridge with honey.

§ Do you believe in Forever, how about marriage?
T-Marriage is something society has created. I think monogamy is not natural to us, and so we try to force it. I could never give myself to one guy forever. The idea revolts me.

§ How would you describe you work to someone who doesn't know you?
T-Frida Khalo mixed with a comic book style. I grew up on comic books, and I think this comes through my drawings/ paintings.

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