April 23, 2009

Facebook Censorship is making us loose our hard ons.....

 So, we woke up this morning (in a big pile of dirty undies soaked in booz.... as usual) to find out that we had been censored by our good ol friends at Facebook. The Blew Magazine fan page was removed for some sort of cock and ass violation (sounds hot doesn't it...). Now, not that we are completely surprised by this act, I mean, what can we expect from the right wing conservatives who like everything to be safe, boring and pretty all the time (why does that remind us of someone we once dated...hmmm). Unfortunately thats not us. We like to get a little rough and raw sometimes. So what if we like to scratch our balls in public and wear white sport socks. So what if we like to have sex in public and drink gin in the alley behind the strip club. So what if we.....ok wait, maybe its a little to early in the morning for that one......

None the less, we have decided to not retaliate. Why, you may ask? Because maybe posting pictures of huge cocks on Facebook was not the smartest thing we could have decided to do, knowing that we were in mule territory. Unfortunately they have us by the balls here (and not in the hot sort of way) , and so we are going to play by their rules, but only on their territory. Facebook has been an extremely good way to keep in touch with fans of the project and to network with artists and to get the word out there about our little project, and so here is what we are going to do:

We are creating a whole new Profile for our Editor In Chief.....Sybrandt Heighton.

We are also rebuilding the new Blew Magazine Fan Page (which is now up and running)

He will be your main source of contact for the magazine and through him you can link to the new Fan Page, which we are all working on like dirty dirty little bees here at the magazine and is now finally all done. We will continue to post on Facebook (on Sybrandts profile and the Fan Page) every time we post a blog so it will be easy for you to find updates, however, we will have to tone the photos attached to the links on Facebook down a notch or two, or five maybe, so no more cock and ass.

Thanks for your continued support of the Magazine. If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions, or would like to contribute, contact us and we can discuss it over some scotch. Since we lost our morning hard on due to this little problem, we are reposting some uncensored oldies but goodies below, so the same terrible fate doesn't befall you. Oh look, he's wearing blew undies...our favorite color.....

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