March 7, 2009

You can't keep a hot ginger down

We are back from abroad, and hitting the pavement running. We have been working our gay little fingers to the bone over here at the magazine, trying to play catchup from almost 3 weeks of drinking 1 euro beer in the sunny streets and getting into all sorts of bad boy trouble in Europe. Its a good think we brought all those cute undies with us, we sure needed them. I have all sorts of dirty stories, but you will have to get me drunk to get those out of me.

Now some news on the magazine. We have been working on getting the photos from our very first photo shoot from Montreal sorted through, edited, and organized. The fantastic photographer Riki N and our hot hot broken but still very dexterous ginger model Tristan (who is once again fully mobile and sans cast) have been working long, hard and sweaty hours over at their Montreal studio to bring us some great photos for our very first issue of Blew Magazine. Im very excited to have them working as contributors to the magazine and bringing their talent and beauty to my little project. There is more in the works for when the weather gets warmer, so keep checking back for more hot ginger fun from Riki and Tristan.

More great shots of our hot ginger model Tristan.....

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