March 7, 2009

Sexy Montreal photographer Toxicboy will knock your dirty little sport socks off

Toxicboy, a.k.a Mikel Marton, is one sexy talented motherfucker, and we love his work. His creative vision, keen eye and deeply personal photos have touched a special part of our hearts here at BLEW magazine (the part we thought was long dead). His work often features himself as the model, bringing an intensely self exploratory theme to the pieces, and it doesn't hurt that hes fucking georgous. This Montreal based artist is currently represented by Envoy Gallery in NYC, and he just loves to push the limits with his work, which is what we are all about here at BLEW. We have been talking with him for a bit now, and he has agreed to be a contributor to our sexy little homo magazine. We couldn't be happier to be working with his sexy ass, and we just know that whatever he comes up with will knock your dirty little sport socks off.

Here is a sexy little excerpt from his bio, which you can read in its entierty on his web site.

"Confronting people's traditional boundaries regarding the male body (and all its parts) Mikels main goal is to physically express male sexuality without perversion, and to prove the male form as an artistic equal to the female form. Both challenging and sensitive, his vision succeeds to create a body of work that portrays men, entirely exposed and infused with beauty. He says, "Male sexuality has become demonized in many ways, and I aim to prove that even an erect penis can be beautiful, and a sensitive, powerful artistic focus"

Mikel's repertoire incorporates gender, desire, mythology and technology as a defiant physical expression of sexuality, as well as the metaphysical. Through his creations, he casts a dream-world of unearthly male beauty: " I make gods, not humans. It all comes from my fetish for mythology. I want to transcend physical with the physical. There is no longer just external, but emotion and physicality become one." Though his work focuses on photographs of beautiful young men, his few images of sexually-empowered she-warriors come from his life long obsession with powerful women, complimenting and contradicting his childhood idolization of female comic book characters.

Now thats one hot little mandate, or at least we think so......

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