December 9, 2009


Issue #3 Launch Party

If your in NYC, and your gay/fabulous/sexy/obsessed/fashionable/inquisitive/quietly trendy or any combination of the later, your probably going to be here tomorrow for the launch party of CRUSH Fanzine's Issue #3. We will be raising a glass of bubbly in celebration from our desk all the way up in Toronto, shedding a quiet tear pretending that we have better things to do and simply just couldn't make it, but in all reality, we really want to be there and may possibly be eyeing our roommates laptop to pawn for airfare while typing this post (don't worry beazer, your laptop is safe....for now). So go if you can, because its sure to be a fucking hot party, especially considering the theme of this issue is "Acting French", and we have a special weakness for French boys.

Heres the details for the party (and don't forget your fake french accents):

Wednesday, 09 December 2009
19:00 - 21:00
Envoy Gallery
New York, NY
"My heart has no will against your eyes...your voice...your presence."

Please join us for CRUSHfanzine Issue #3 "Acting French" installation and reception.

Our latest obsession is French actors. Featuring Salim Kechiouche, seen on the cover, along with the following actors.

Raphael Personnaz
Arnaud Valois
Stephane Metzger
Mehdi Dehbi
Édouard Collin
Andy Gillet
Adrien Jolivet
& Nicolas Cazalé

Contributors are: Lorenzo Martone, Slava Mogutin, Sebastien Meunier, Miguel Villalobos, Carlos Dalton, Magda Antoniuk, Rocky Casale, Alissa Bennett, Alistair McCartney, William Johnson, & Nathan Lee

Please RSVP :

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