November 13, 2009

Christopher Lee Sauve:

[re] Introducing 
Christopher Lee Sauve

Ok everyone, pile into the time machine (don't worry, its safe, and I brought some vodka and half naked models along to make the ride fun), your taking a trip down memory lane with us to last spring, when we posted about Sybrandts super talented and sexy designer friend in NYC, Christopher Lee Sauve

We always love to get behind a good protest, especially when it involves scantily clad boys shouting about fashion and getting all riled up, but then again, who wouldn't. So, we were very excited when we heard he was up to his usual fabulous shenanigans, stirring up controversy and causing general mayhem, while still being a classy bitch. He rounded up a bunch of hot models, gave them some banners and his t-shirts, and staged a "Save Fashion" Protests" in the Harajuku district in Tokyo to launch his new exhibit  "Fuck The Recession! Save Fashion!" His line is being carried at ADDITION ADELAIDE and INTERNATIONAL GALLERY BEAMS, two hot beds of fashion and art, in an already pretty fashionable city. 

Check out some of the pics he sent us from the launch party, protest, and a video featuring Rebecca Cherry and The Varsity Interpretative Dance Squad (CUTE!). 

Also, Check out the sexy photos for the campaign shot by another photographer friend of ours, Ignacio-Lozano! (or otherwise known as BlackSheepBoy)

Christopher Lee Sauve

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