June 9, 2009

Gay GPS; or How To Get Laid With A Busy Schedule

An iPhone addiction and a dirty mind is a bad combo, especially when you have the newest dirty app to help you be a low down ho. While out on the weekend with some friends, who happen to be dirty dirty boys, they introduced and installed the newest craze to hit the iPhone since XTube came out with its mobile porn app.

Introducing GRINDR APP

Think of it as Gay GPS. This little app will find hot dirty guys within a hop skip and a hump of you using the GPS and locator functions of your iPhone. This crazy thing even has live chat. Its actually kind of out of control how easy it has become to find sex these days. Not looking for sex? Well, you may just meet husband number 23 on this hot little hookerupper. We tested it out and had a very nice conversation with a guy who is actually looking for a date and not sex, and quite a few of the other guys have boyfriends and were just looking to make friends, but don't fear, there were also plenty o guys cruisin and parusin for boy poon.
While it was fun for about 2 minutes, after that, our attention deficit disorder kicked into full swing and our hand started to cramp up so we moved on to real live conversations with the people standing right beside us. We suppose it would be a great tool for a busy business fag on the go, or someone who is new to the city to meet guys for "whatever", and it does make for great fun at a party.
Speaking of dirty guys with iPhones, take a look at some hotties we found this week on "Guys With iPhones" (yes, we are still addicted to this crazy site, don't judge, we know your on it somewhere)

"Based in Los Angeles, California, Grindr is a young start-up dedicated to finding new ways for people to connect. Our mobile phone application uses creative technology to help users make new friends and reconnect with old ones.
Gay, bi, and curious men looking for a date can find him on Grindr , a new social networking/dating app now available on iTunes. This free location-based service works with the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch to hook up local users in seconds. It’s fast, fun, and easy to use—offering profiles, photos, and stats at a touch. And unlike other dating sites, Grindr is mobile and works based on your location. Grindr uses the GPS technology in the iPhone and Wi-Fi in the iPod Touch to determine your exact location and instantly shows photos of the guys around you.

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