May 20, 2009

Hunterlicious; or Sexy Sam Scott Schiavo makes us want to climb in the shower

Well, the long weekend is over, and its back to the grind for us here at BLEW magazine. With massive wine and vodka hangovers softly fading and the distant but tangible memories of dirty drunken cottage bum sex still freshly tingling in our minds, we reach down, grab a hand full of ourselves and pull ourselves into the present.

We have been sitting on this post all weekend, patiently trying to perfect it, and we think its finally ready to be released all over your faces. The amazingly talented and incredibly sexy Sam Scott Schiavo , who happens to be one of our all time favorite photographers, has been working his magic for us all the way over in the beautiful city of Milan, Italy. This American born photographer from Philadelphia is pure sex on a stick, and his eye for beauty is unparalleled. His images are saturated with the emotions of old cinema and film noir, evoking strong but subtle stories within each frame.

His history is grounded in a variety of past adventures and occupations that have helped to create a relaxed yet bold take on the world of beauty around him. From pizza maker, bar man, lighting designer, actor and model, turned photographer, we tingle all over thinking of him tossing our dough in the air. His editorial work speaks for itself, contributing to some of amazing magazines, including Fantasticmag and The Room.

Sam sent us a set of photos he took of the amazingly hot daddy model Hunter, who he works with regularly, that we are are posting here today. If you like what you see, then you will be dripping with anticipation for the set of photos he has done that will only be available in the printed edition of BLEW magazine coming out this summer.

Check out his blog for some summer sexy fun and see what this prodigy of photography is up to. We know we will be following his every move.

We gladly present to you:


Actor HUNTER CODY gets wet, in a water themed expose' wearing and not wearing t-shirts.
A uber sexy HUNTER comes clean in a teaser for BLEW photographed by the American born but Milan based photographer SAM SCOTT SCHIAVO.
We are shivering with ... antici..............pation for SAM's upcoming  RETRO  pictorial with HUNTER in BLEW's premier printed issue coming out this summer.  


  1. WOW, beautiful sy...psyched you guys are doin a printed issue - man is that gonna be sweet!

  2. nice photos and can't wait for the print issue

  3. WAY erotic, these images made me all WET ... looking forward to seeing more!

    i want to see more of him and this photographer PLEASE!

  5. Congrats on the printed issue! I love this site, and can't wait to see what you guys come up with for the printed version.

    Hunter is HOT, and i'm already addicted to his blog. Thanks for the heads up guys.