April 27, 2009

Great things come in tight little boxes; or we love hot homoporn in our mail box

Mondays can be fun, especially when we get something fantastic in the mail. We popped down to the old mail box this morning, expecting to find the regular bills, flyers and noise complaints spewing from our tight little box (what....our mail box IS small), but instead, we received a copy of a fantastic little magazine called BLOWJOB , published by the 28 year old Johnny Murdoc out of St. Louis, MO, accompanied with a cute little hand written note thanking us. What a treat.

This great little magazine is part dirty fiction and part illustration and 100% fucking awesome jerk off material. "Two stories five illustrations for $2" is the description, and its simplicity is clean yet edgy. It brings us back to the good old days before we had instant around the clock access to porn and had to actually use our imaginations to get off. Back when we had to rely on Sears catalog underwear sections and the one gay porn mag we stole from the corner mart that was so dog eared and worn that we had to tape it back together. The art of erotic story telling has become a lost art, and were glad to see that someone has revived it and brought it back to life. Its classic and nostalgic, and what better to go with our nostalgic mood from sunday, than to thumb through BLOWJOB magazine and remember where it all started for us.

The two short stories, "Julius hipster boy" and "Dicksucker; or the girl in 4B", are both written by Johnny Murdoc and have a very interesting perspective and style about them. Sometimes funny and light hearted, sometimes, hitting very close to home, they have an intense reality about them. As we read them aloud to each other, we sometimes had to pause to look at each other, wondering if they are real experiences he is recounting to us, or if its the cleaver trick of a very talented writer. We are going for the latter but there is a certain hotness to the thought that maybe there is some truth to the stories. On his blog, you can listen to him read the story aloud on an audio player, and even download it in MP3 format to take with you for those long business trip or walks in the park. Dirty stories to go, what a great idea.

The five illustrations consist of ink and brush drawings by Johnny, of penises he has seen on the internet. Each drawing comes with a link to the actual picture on the web that the drawing was done from, and we are glad to say that the pictures they come from are pretty fantastic too. There's something interesting about discovering the connection between the drawings and the original pictures. The combination of seeing both of them together reveals a dimension of interplay, creating a new sense of reality for both of the pictures. Our minds start to wonder, imagining Johnny carefully choosing the photos of male genitals to draw from and him then sketching out the beautiful phalluses, connecting them to each other.

Check out his blog for more great dirty fiction and an ongoing posting of some fantastic artists from all over. His iCandy posts are a great cross section of male affectionado in its many forms, something we love here at the magazine. We love our ever changing taste in men, and we recognize the beauty in diversity, and we love that he does as well.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Good blowjob stories never go out of style.