March 23, 2009

WLTF...sure would!

How do you define porn? How do you define art? Is there a difference between the two things if they both contain similar content? Well we certainly think so. This is, in some small and weird way, what we are trying to discuss with the creation of BLEW magazine. Well, in our recent searches for meaning on this topic, we came across an amazing little publication, "WLTF", out of Sao Paulo, Brazil (home of the hottest boys, according to the creator Rodrigo Novaes, and we are not about to argue with him here). Its cleaver name, derived from an acronym im sure you have seen before (stop pretending right now that you have never trolled for boy poon in chat rooms before). Well for those of you who are living in denial, "WLTF" stands for "Would Like To Fuck". We became instant fans when we first saw the title of the magazine, and we just knew (by the tingling of our naughty bits) that this was going to be something fanfuckingtastic. 

Here is a little bit from there "about" section of the magazine to give you a better idea of what they are trying to do here:

"What is WLTF?
WLTF is an original, international project without precedent that I run and edit independently with some help from very talented people from around the world.

It is an online project that will also become a publication on paper. I call it a magazine, but prefer to use it in inverted commas "magazine", because it is more than that, it is a gallery, a network, a platform, a publication and much more. I couldn't find a good enough term that could encompass everything, so magazine seemed like a good enough way to describe it.

WLTF is aimed purely at art photography and ideas that are about or deals in some way with sexual desire without being purely pornographic.

WLTF is about the subjective expression of our inner-most desires and all of the different readings that the juxtaposition of images and ideas can potentially generate.

Every online issue is dedicated to images only, and all of the work is edited in juxtaposition as opposed to linear editing by author. The print version will also encompass the work we are developing on the blog, with interviews, features and articles.

For the online version I collect a diverse range of images from the Internet, with the authors' permission and collaboration. The central concept of WLTF is to explore a notion of sexuality that goes beyond issues of gender and sexual preference. In its first 6 months of life WLTF has attracted contributors from all over the globe, which gives it a very strong international edge."

The list of creatives attached to the 3 issues already published are long and impressive, but not exclusive in any way. There is work by well known artists (to the underground art world), side by side with amateur and fledgling artists of all levels of experience. The submissions range from the intensely bizarre, fucked up and strange, to the stunningly beautiful and surreal work from a wide and diverse range of talent from all over this planet. They accept and want "images" and not necessarily photos, and submissions don't have to be polished, refined or edited. In fact they encourage the raw and rough styles of work that brings a new and interesting edge to exploring sexuality through images. They choose challenging and stimulating works that juxtapose and push the boundaries of normal assumptions and ideas about sexuality. It shows that they know what the hell they are doing, by their selection of images in the first 3 issues published. We also love that they don't push any single idea or theory on you, but rather are more interested in exploring and exhibiting all sides of sexuality. 

They are currently accepting submissions for Issue #4, so if your interested in putting together something, then read on to find out what the next issue is all about:

Title: ME: MUSCLES & I

Brief by guest Editor: St├ęphane Malysse

Between the “body-sign” and the “instrumental body”, between what we can do with our body (visible on TV, beach and other public spaces), and what we have to do with our body (body manner), considering our free will, the “body-ego” seems to have stimulated several personalities, which incorporate individually the identity images of others bodies...

“Change your body, change your life” or “ You can have the body you want”... in its shape, as well as in its gender. By means of complex mechanisms of body stereotype assimilation, the body becomes a virtual surface, a place where sexual and social identities are nurtured. Saturated of stereotypes the body seems like an unfinished painting, and becomes an auto-plastic object. What is the body capable of? What can I do to be who I want to be? What muscles have to do with me?

WLTF is open to you, yes YOU. It doesn’t matter who you are, all we care about is what you yearn for, deep down inside, in those hard to reach places. And if you can interpret that in images, then that is what we want from you.

We want images of anything that turns you on and for WLTF #4 you can interpret “ME: MUSCLES AND I” in whichever way you like. Think literal or lateral, go off on a tangent, you decide.

It doesn’t matter if they are not perfect photographs, with perfect lighting and exemplary post-production, WE WANT IMAGES, because images are more interesting than photographs. Images are ultimately about you, and that is what turns us ON.

It can be old, published and re-published, or something new, fresh from the camera, as long as you think fits to the theme “ME: MUSCLES AND I”

Between 1 to 6 images by 25 March 2009 to

We know we will be watching closely to see what fantastic stuff comes out next.

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