March 15, 2009

Stash Sundays

To continue on with Mustache Fridays theme, welcome to Stash Sundays here at Blew Magazine. We just love to keep a stiff upper lip here at our little homo magazine, and how better to do that by celebrating the newest issue of one of our favorite little dirty Homo magazines, PISSZINE issue 06. This issue is dedicated to, well, as you guessed it, that fantastic and fun loving lip caterpillar that makes us scream like 12 year old school girls at a Zack Effron mall signing (no seriously, you should hear us, its shameful). The month of the Mustache is in full swing, and we couldn't be happier. This issue is packed with amazingly dirty artists, and we can't wait to get our filthy little paws on it. 

We have been noticing a lot more lip warmers around town these past few months, and we don't think it has anything to do with snow. Both boys and men have been spotted around town as of late, sporting varying degrees of fashionable facial hair under their noses, and it makes our naughty bits tingle (and not in the "I think i need to see a doctor" kind of way). We can't decide if its because the 80's are making yet another big come back in fashion (as we all roll ours eyes in unison), or if it has deeper roots tied to vintage porn stashes found in garages and under crawl spaces as young budding Homos, but the thought of that whiskery lip broom rubbing against our soft boy cheeks sends us into hot lusty Homo convulsions (or as one of our friend likes to call it, the Homo seizure salad). 

 Weird, dirty, and strange things are three of our favorite things to discuss at Blew Magazine, as you may have guessed. This magazine definitely falls into all three of those categories, but don't let that scare you. What's life without a little walk on the wild side. Don't be a pussy, grab on tight and hold on. Its not the first time you heard that line we are sure...

Heres the teaser for issue 06 of PISSZINE

"Welcome to the Moustache Issue. 
Where we keep a stiff upper lip and think long and hard about of Tom Selleck.
Where a ‘flavour savour’ can help a man to change his look, flee a city and live under an assumed name. 
Where a ‘tache can frame a smile and make you a hot daddy, a 70’s porn star clone or maybe just a web designer with an eye for irony. 
Come on in. 
Let us tickle your fancy."

How can you not read it after that. Now thats a cock tease if i ever saw one. 

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