January 31, 2009

Tristan, 26 year old hot ginger homo, loves laughing, floating in bathtubs of milk, and looks fantastic doing it

Things are rolling along rather quickly over here at BLEW Magazine. We are all pretty excited to shoot our first ever photos this Sunday in Montreal with the beautiful 26 year old homo model/artist Tristan, and the fantastic photographer Riki Ndinga Oba. Take a look at some of the photos Tristan and Riki sent from previous photo shoots they have done together. This should  give you a good idea at what we have up our sleeve for the first issue.

These two hot homos are rising stars on the gay art scene, with more talent than will fit into a pair of tighty whities (and trust us, we know). Their work speaks for itself. We have added Riki's link to the "Fantastic" list so feel free to check out some of his photos he's done for other shoots and magazines. There is even a whole section for our beautiful ginger homo, Tristan, so take a look through and see what you think.

Tristan has promised to do anything and everything we ask for the photo shoot, as long as he doesn't end up bleeding or in the hospital (again...). We told him we will be gentile with him, as he is already in a leg cast. How did he end up with a broken leg....well, thats something you will have to ask him yourself (we promised not to tell). If you really want to know though, then stay tuned for a fantastic interview with both Tristan and Riki, coming this week. 

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