January 25, 2009

Welcome to BLEW Magazine

Welcome to the start of a new and fantastic magazine for homosexuals. 

Reading this magazine will not make you cool, an authority on anything other than your ability to pick good magazines, and it does not make you gay. 

What is Blew exactly? Well here is a small list (mostly taken from our first poster to the left) to give you a bit of an idea what drives us and where we want to see this magazine go (btw, click on the pic to see full sized poster):

Blew is about talented, beautiful and creative people and the things they do, think, create and love. Blew is a fantastic magazine for homosexuals. Blew is hand made. Blew is for everyone and does not exclude. Blew is not a porn magazine, but it has lots of nudity. Blew is 100% ad free. Blew is interested in everything and everyone. Blew loves being naked. Blew is always on the hunt. Blew loves men who love men. Blew loves naked pictures of men. Blew wants to hear what you think is fantastic. Blew wants to hear about fun/dirty/sexy/weird stuff. Blew wants naked pictures of you. Blew is looking for submissions from everyone...

How it all got started:
The idea to start a magazine was born from a conversation over a boozy lunch with some friends and has started to now grow into a small but exciting reality. It all started with the discussion of how Toronto, and Canada in general, is lacking in really edgy and artistic gay magazines to help bring together the vastly talented pool of creative people. Other cities are doing it, so why not us? Thats when I decided, right there and there, that things needed to happen. Thus, the idea of Blew Magazine was born, and from one tiny little boozy thought, came forth a new and exciting project that is slowly growing and evolving every day into something more wonderful and fantastic than I could have imagined. While it is still in the very early planning stages, it is quickly gaining momentum that seems to have a life of its own. 

The name, "House Of Commons Design", is the collective colaboration of the artists, designers, writers, performers, creators, directors and all around sexy people who help with this project and contribute to the magazine. The project is slowly growing, adding more creativity and momentum with each new person and the ideas and interactions they bring to the project. 

We are always looking for new people to help or contribute to the project and thus, I would like to announce the first official "Call For Submissions". Have something you want to contribute? We are looking for anyone who is interested in being a part of the project. Have something you made that you think is fucking fantastic...or even maybe a bit (or a lot) weird? Have nice pictures of your butt you want to share? Have an interesting piece of writing you think needs to be published? Want to help out with printing production/layout/design? Have pictures of you and random strangers belly button lint? Well we want all of them plus more. Starting a magazine is a very big project, and I am just one little homo. If you are interested, contact me by pressing the "e-mail Blew Magazine" link above and to the right. 

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