January 6, 2010

The Launch of

After many endless days and nights working tirelessly on the new web site, it is finally up and launched onto the web. The last year at blogger has been wonderful, and without their free blog hosting, our dream of BLEW would never have been realized. After a long year of growing pains, we finally have our own domain and are ready to expand (slowly) into new territories. We have met some really amazing artists from all over this beautiful planet which we have become friends with, and look forward to an even more amazing year to come. The support from our readers and our colleagues has been shocking. We never expected to be received with such wide and open arms from everyone, and we would like to thank you all for your support in the past. 

Please be patient with us, we are slowly switching everything over from blogger to our own domain site, and its quite the labour intensive project (reaches for the bottle of gin by the night stand).There are some NEW SECTIONS on the new site, including a EVENTS page (to list local and not so local art/party events we think you should know about, as well as a page to download our printed magazine (which will be out shortly). Other things to come soon also (link page and Friend page)

If you would like to follow us or get in contact with us, please use the following means as we are switching over to a new system:

email: editor@blewmagazine.com

Facebook: Still the same fan page at 

Twitter: Still the same at

Google Friend Connect:

This has changed sadly, because we can't figure out how to transfer over everyone from the blog address to the new domain address. Please click the "follow" link in the GFC box on the main page to keep following our progress, unless someone knows how to do this.... 

As usual, keep on snapping those pics and let us know of anything you think we should know about and we can post them up on the blog section of events page.

Thanks again to everyone, and happy 2010 from TEAM BLEW!


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