April 14, 2009

Its Tuesday, and were feeling a bit dirty (looks like were not the only ones)

So, its Tuesday, the week isn't even half over yet, and already we are climbing the walls here at the magazine, trying to keep our idle hands busy so we don't accidentally maul each other. It seems spring has fully sprung, and with all the fresh air and flowers popping up, other things also seem to be growing (mostly in our pants). We thought it was appropriate, with all the thoughts of digging in deep and planting some bulbs, that we feature the fantastic and dirty (in more than one way) photos of Jerome Haffner . Fresh from what looks like a roll in the flower patch, this hot little muffin is not afraid to get down and dirty.

We love Jerome's innovative use of dirt and oil (we know were all going home to rummage through our garden sheds for this great spring "fresh from the flower garden" look). No, but seriously, why is it that dirty boys are so fucking hot? (thats a rhetorical question boys, in case you were about to e-mail me an answer). This is not his first shoot combining hot boys and a big bag of fresh dirt, and we hope its not his last. We have seen this theme done before, but some how, he manages to make it seem so very fresh and alive. The contrast between his saucy young models and an overtly masculinized theme of dirt and sweat make for an interesting combo, giving a fresh and unusual twist to the regular cliche muscle bound hunks with chains and power tools. We love how he makes this classic theme his own. Now thats how you own it.

This talented Homo has done work for, and been featured in some great publications, including DNA magazine , YEAM magazine , the "A cause des garçons " site and several books, including Night Visions, which is a compilation of amazing male nude photographers thats a page turner, pause, then turn again. Its too bad he's all the way over in France, but next time were over there, we will be sure to look him up (and down). His work with shadows and light are playful and moody, and he knows how to bring out the best in his models. 

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